Barista Pretends To Get Fired To Prank Rude Customers

A barista has been called “mean” by her friends after telling them about the prank she plays on customers at her coffee shop job.

Posting to the “r/AmITheA–hole” (AITA) subReddit, she described how the prank came about.

In her post, the high schooler detailed how frequently she deals with unfriendly, angry customers who all seem to be in a bad mood.

She says she’s tired of grown adults taking their anger out on her, so she gets revenge by playing a trick on them.

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The barista gets revenge on angry customers by having her coworker pretend to fire her.

The high schooler says it’s a regular occurrence that people will come into the coffee shop “angry about such little stuff. Like literally blow up about nothing.”

“Like how sad,” she writes, “you have to be to be a grown-as man taking your anger out on high school and college kids.”

So she and her coworker James, a shift manager, decided to have a little fun with the next angry customer who came into the coffee shop.

Sure enough, she soon had a customer “having a temper about how we don’t make the coffee hot enough”—a problem she says she can’t even solve, since the coffee comes directly from a machine.

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