Stabler and Benson in apartment in Law & Order: Organized Crime

Why Yes, Christopher Meloni Does Remember That Fan-Favorite Law And Order: SVU Shirtless Scene With Mariska Hargitay

Even though Law & Order: SVU has been on for over 20 seasons, the hope that Benson and Stabler will get together will never fade for some fans. After the former partners reunited for the launch of Organized Crime, Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni seem to be as close as ever, even after all this time. Now, Meloni is recalling a fan-favorite scene scene with Hargitay years ago when both were shirtless.

Ahead of what’s sure to be a Bensler reunion to remember on SVU, Christopher Meloni spoke to to talk about a very memorable scene that remains a fan-favorite today. In the Season 10 episode “Wildlife,” in order to stay undercover and not get caught, Benson pretends to be a prostitute when smugglers come knocking on the door, which involved taking off her shirt, while Stabler was already shirtless. Meloni opened up about the scene and how uncomfortable their characters likely were:

I do remember that being out of the box. There was something about that exposure — a literal exposure — that made it very dynamic. I just remember that feeling, and I remember she and I — we were extra, I don’t know, vibrant or vivacious or whatever, and that was our expression of, ‘Oh, my God, this is really pushing these characters towards an uncomfortable place.’ I remember it clearly. I remember the feeling.

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