Majority of Americans believe healthcare is a government responsibility

Majority of Americans believe healthcare is a government responsibility

“Partisans’ views of the federal government’s responsibility in ensuring healthcare for all Americans diverge sharply, as they have over the past two decades,” Gallup reported. “Currently, 88% of Democrats and 59% of independents but just 28% of Republicans think the government is responsible.”

On average, 79% of Democrats have supported the government’s obligation to ensure healthcare for the US population since 2001, and an average of 71% of Republicans over the same period have said the opposite. Among independents, an average of 56% over time have believed it is the government’s responsibility.

Despite clear majority support for the government to healthcare coverage, the majority of Americans still prefer that system to be run through private insurers. More than half (53%) prefer a private system, while 43% support a government-run system. In fact, Americans have consistently preferred a private system since the option was presented in 2010. Only in 2017 was there a divergence, when US adults were evenly split on this opinion.

The split between Democrats and Republicans was similar as overall support for government-sponsored healthcare coverage.

“Supporters’ preferences for the US healthcare system differ sharply, with 72% of Democrats in favor of a government-run system and 83% of Republicans a private system,” Gallup reported. “Independents tilt slightly toward a private (50%) rather than a government-run (46%) system.”

The latest poll findings underscore how nuanced Americans’ beliefs are about their healthcare system. Overall, most Americans believe the government has a responsibility to ensure healthcare coverage, and Democrats are more united in wanting a true public health system, as well.

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