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Chico and its culture of violence – Chico Enterprise-Record

Recently I attended a public memorial remembering loved ones lost to police shootings. Your report on the service featured the most negative take on these victims. I’ve watched unstable people living on the street, our response as a community and think about city policies that have criminalized this population and the militarism of law enforcement.

US prisons incarcerate more people than any other country and the public generally dismisses or applauds prison rape. We appear unable to control gun violence. Corporations are ‘people’ and the profit motive pushed by right-wing think tanks and the super wealthy rules the day. We have no national family policy to support and strengthen families. Our health care system is fraught. We resist coming to terms with racism both historically and present, and are witnesses to the dismantling of civil rights with an “activist”
Supreme Court, including two appointees who lied about their beliefs to be confirmed.

Writers to this paper complain about the bad behavior of some unsheltered human beings. I challenge all readers to think about what their mental health would be if they lived in the same circumstances. Some of the unsheltered people I talk to also complain about ‘campers’ who don’t take care of what little they have. They should be applauded. The rest of us could entertain a fantasy about to avoid going crazy given severe challenges, knowing you are mocked and despised.

—Silona Reyman, Chico

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