Wife of Warriors owner has odd taunt for ESPN's Kendrick Perkins

Wife of Warriors owner has odd taunt for ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins

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Nicole Curran poses with her first three championship rings before a Warriors playoff game this spring.

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The Warriors have spent their post-Finals victory lap cataloging every tiny slight, real or imagined. The Splash Brothers both made it clear that they had a list of tweets ready to dredge up; Draymond Green spent most of his Friday morning ripping just about everyone who wasn’t an enthusiastic Dubs booster.

The power of ESPN was particularly clear, with Steph Curry remembering segments as far back as August predicting he wouldn’t win a title and as recently as last week when Brian Windhorst said the Warriors had a “checkbook win” in the Finals.

But Nicole Curran, the wife of Warriors owner Joe Lacob, had perhaps the strangest taunt for an ESPN personality.

Curran, a courtside fixture with Lacob, was seen celebrating the Game 6 win on the Instagram of Festus Ezeli, the former Warriors center and current NBC Sports Bay Area analyst.

“I’m just saying, Kendrick Perkins, you can take it and shove it up your ass. Cause I got the degree from Harvard, mothaf—ka,” Curran said.

Perkins, the former Celtic big man and current ESPN jokester, was a target of Warriors players and fans all season. The Harvard line, deeply bizarre in any context, makes slightly more sense when you know that Perkins dressed up in commencement robes for a live shot when the Warriors were practicing at Harvard during the Finals. But only slightly more sense.

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