Jackie Chan speaks out on viral video of violent attack on women diners in Tangshan

Jackie Chan speaks out on viral video of violent attack on women diners in Tangshan

On Saturday, action star Jackie Chan posted on his social media that he “couldn’t sleep all night” after watching the recent viral video of a woman brutally attacked at a restaurant in Tangshan, China.

His response was in reference to CCTV footage from Friday that captured the attack of a woman at a Tangshan restaurant, in which she was repeatedly stomped on and assaulted.

According to a police statementnine men were later identified as suspects and detained.

One of the men initiated the attacks after the woman had pushed him away. He had allegedly approached her and touched her on her back as part of a sexual advance.

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The main perpetrator also had a history of rape and murder, according to a report by China Press.

Chan posted on his Weibo — China’s biggest social media platform — that the incident had been shown to him yesterday by one of his staff.

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“I was really angry,” he said. “It was especially sad that only the women stood up to help each other throughout the whole incident. All the men around [them] were indifferent.”

Chan emphasized the importance of standing up for those who are vulnerable.

“When we see bullying behavior, if we have the ability to stop it, we must stand up [to it]. Because at such a time, helping others is [also] helping us!”

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His post has garnered over 2 million likes and 93,000 comments.

Featured Image via GQ(right) and Reuters(left)

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