Trump news today: Steve Bannon subpoenas Nancy Pelosi and Jan 6 committee in contempt row

Trump news today: Steve Bannon subpoenas Nancy Pelosi and Jan 6 committee in contempt row

Jamie Raskin doesn’t say whether the Jan 6 Committee will get Mike Pence to testify

Steve Bannon’s lawyers have subpoenaed House speaker Nancy Pelosi and members of the Select Committee investigating the 6 January riots.

Mr Bannon, who once served as former President Donald Trump’s chief strategist, was indicted in November 2021 by a federal grand jury for his refusal to comply with a subpoena to testify and produce documents.

Now, he is seeking to subpoena the January 6 committee as part of his challenge to whether the panel was properly formed.

His legal team has subpoenaed 16 lawmakers and congressional staffers to testify at the July trial and produce documents. The subpoenas aimed were at all nine members of the select committee that is investigating the Capitol building riots, three committee staffers and the general counsel for the House of Representatives Douglas Letter, CNN reported.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has laid into Fox News for its decision not to broadcast the 6 January select committee’s upcoming hearings, tweeting that “Fox News won’t air the January 6 hearings because they prefer their sedition made fresh on-site”.


What to expect from Thursday’s first Jan 6 committee public hearing

When the House January 6 select committee convenes its first hearing to examine the worst attack on the US Capitol since 1814, the nine-member panel and the two witnesses who will testify Thursday will be the highest-profile occupants of the ornate Cannon House Office Building Caucus Room since the infamous House Un-American Activities Committee used it for hearings in the mid-20th century.

The panel’s first hearing in prime time will feature a filmmaker who captured footage of a meeting between Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and Oath Keepers founder Elmer Stewart Rhodes, Eric Garcia and Andrew Feinberg report.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2022, 3:35 p.m.


‘We Build The Wall’ trial ends in mistrial

The trial of a Colorado businessman on charges that he ripped off thousands of donors who contributed $25 million to a campaign to build a wall along the southern US border ended Tuesday in a mistrial after jurors could not reach a unanimous verdict.

The mistrial in the prosecution of Timothy Shea was granted by US District Judge Analisa Torres after the jury reported for a third time that it could not reach a verdict on any count, saying the deadlock was “abundantly clear.” They said extended deliberations had left them “further entrenched in our opposing views.”

After previous notes, the judge urged them to try again.

Shea was left to stand trial alone after Steve Bannon, a onetime adviser to then-President Donald Trump, was pardoned. And two other defendants pleaded guilty.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2022, 3:27 p.m.


Michigan secretary of state interviewed by Jan 6 committee

Democrat Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has been interviewed by the January 6 select committee, both NBC News and Ms Benson confirm.

The Secretary participated in an interview with committee investigators last week, as follow up to the previous conversations they have had with Secretary Benson and the Bureau of Elections.

Benson previously provided documents to the Jan 6 committee. A letter was sent by Benson in January 2022 to the US House Select Committee and United States Attorney General Merrick Garland which provided information about coordination between the former president and the people in Michigan to overturn the 2020 election results.

Benson says the letter was meant to ensure members of the Committee and leaders at the Department of Justice were made aware of events that occurred in Michigan.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2022, 3:25 p.m.


Republican Accountability Project drops new Jan 6 ad

Conservative anti-Trump group The Republican Accountability Project has released a new ad about tomorrow’s public hearings on the 6 January 2021 Capitol riot.

The ad asks why it took former President Donald Trump 187 minutes to respond as Congress was under attack.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2022, 3:16 p.m.


ICYMI: Matthew McConaughey holds up artwork of children killed in Uvalde in White House briefing

An emotional Matthew McConaughey took to the White House briefing room on Tuesday to plead for stronger gun laws in the wake of the mass shooting that claimed the lives of 19 students and 2 teachers in his hometown of Uvalde, Texas.

The veteran actor became emotional as he held up artwork and photos of children slain by the 18-year-old gunman and described the severity of wounds inflicted by the AR-15-style rifle used in that massacre.

“Make these lives matter,” he said.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2022 3:08 p.m.


The big campaign question for Democrats heading into the midterms

With Democrats defending narrow majorities in Congress, the divergent paths of focusing on the January 6 probe or not reflect a challenge facing the party as the House committee investigating the insurrection begins prime-time public hearings on Thursday.

Some lawmakers and fresh candidates view this as an invaluable moment to refocus the public’s attention on the violence that day — and what they consider persistent threats to democracy. But polling shows voters are more interested in personal issues like surging grocery and gas prices.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2022 2:49 p.m.


ICYMI: Matthew McConaughey pounds White House lectern in anger over Uvalde massacre

An emotional Matthew McConaughey pounded the White House lectern in anger as he called for change in the wake of the Uvalde elementary school massacre.

The Oscar-winner choked up as he described how victim Maite Yuleana Rodriguez could only be identified by her favorite green Converse shoes after she was shot and killed.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2022 2:30 p.m.


Biden to travel to G7 and NATO summits

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. will travel to Schloss Elmau in southern Germany on June 25 to attend the G7 Leaders’ Summit. The President and G7 leaders will discuss a range of the most pressing global issues, including the G7’s unwavering support for a democratic, sovereign, and prosperous Ukraine, economic and democratic resilience, tackling the climate crisis, development infrastructure, global health security, and the food and energy crisis caused by Russia’s war of aggression.

On June 28, the President will travel to Madrid, Spain for the 2022 Nato Summit. Allied leaders will endorse a new Strategic Concept to guide Nato’s transformation over the next decade, from strengthening deterrence and defence, to building resilience against transnational threats including cyber and climate, to deepening partnerships with democratic partners in Europe and Asia in order to strengthen the rules -based international order.

Oliver O’ConnellJune 8, 2022 2:12 p.m.


Trump posts Mount Rushmore with his face

Donald Trump is sharing old memes and envisioning himself on monuments to America’s most well-known presidents as the January 6 committee prepares for its first public hearing later this week.

The former president “re-Truthed” two images depicting himself as part of the iconic Mount Rushmore monument in South Dakota on Monday, according to Insider.

One of the images was actually a photograph taken by the Associated Press in 2020 that captured Mr Trump grinning in front of the monument during a visit to the site; due to the framing, Mr Trump’s face is squared near-perfectly with an emply spot on the monument.

It was shared by his daughter, Ivanka, on Twitter shortly after it was taken. Another photo, this one edited, depicted Mr Trump as part of the monument itself.

Alisha Rahaman SarkarJune 8, 2022 1:00 p.m.


Marjorie Taylor Greene slams Lindsey Graham over gun control law

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed senator Lindsey Graham for his openness to voting on gun control legislation in the wake of a spate in mass shootings in the United States.

She argued that such measures would hurt “the very people that voted for him and put him in office”.

“Here’s the major problem: Why would we have a Republican senator from South Carolina ready to go to vote on radical gun control bills? They’re gonna hurt the very people who voted for him and put him in office. You see, South Carolina is not a blue state. No, South Carolina is a red state,” Ms Greene said during her podcast on Monday.

“There’s a lot of gun owners in South Carolina, and they are not going to be very happy with the senator that they elected and sent to Washington, to represent their values, to defend their freedoms, and protect their gun rights and uphold the Constitution ,” she added.

“They’re not going to like it very much when he’s up here helping Joe Biden pass his communist agenda and go ahead and destroy their Second Amendment rights.”

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar8 June 2022 12:15

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