Vicky White news - latest: Fugitive showed 'no remorse' over partner's death in Evansville, police say

Vicky White news – latest: Funeral for prison guard set as police say fugitive couple staged dry run of escape

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Dramatic police footage captured the moment capital murder suspect Casey White was apprehended in Indiana and his prison guard lover Vicky White’s body was pulled from their crashed vehicle.

A 10-day nationwide manhunt for Ms White, a 56-year-old corrections officer from Alabama, and White, an inmate serving a 75-year sentence and awaiting trial for murder, ended on Monday evening with a car chase and crash in Evansville . Ms White died from what a coroner ruled to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and White was taken into custody.

As he was handcuffed, White allegedly told officers to help his “wife” and insisted he did not shoot her. The pair were said to have been in a romantic relationship for about two years but police say they were not married.

Meanwhile, Ms White’s last words were revealed in a chilling 911 call where she said “let’s get out and run” and blames White for wanting to stay “at af****** motel” moments before apparently shooting herself in the head.

An investigation into the ordeal is still ongoing as police face mounting questions over how the fugitives evaded capture for over a week.


ICYMI: Chilling 911 call captures Vicky White telling lover ‘let’s get out and run’ moments before shooting herself

Chilling 911 audio has captured the moment that Alabama corrections officer Vicky White told her jailhouse lover “let’s get out and run” moments before investigators say she fatally shot herself in the head.

The audio, released on Tuesday night, reveals the 56-year-old’s final moments and the last words she said to Casey Cole White, the 38-year-old convict who she allegedly helped break out of jail and went on the run with for 10 days.

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Dramatic footage of Casey White using taser on himself emerges

Dramatic footage from years ago has emerged of Casey White repeatedly shocking himself with a stun gun.

Tea DailyMail claimed to have exclusive access to the video that was filmed several years ago and shows White toying with the taser at a pawn store.

In the video, he can also be seen wearing a wedding band.

The report adds that White holds the taser in his right hand and shoots it at his left arm. He looks unaffected.

White was captured in Evanston, Indiana, on Monday after 11 days on the run with his prison guard lover Vicky White.

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Casey White claimed he is innocent of Connie Ridgeway murder after capture

Capital murder suspect Casey Cole White claimed that he was innocent of the brutal killing of 58-year-old mother-of-two Connie Ridgeway almost as soon as he was captured, according to a police report.

At the hospital, the report mentions that “Mr White also kept stating that he did not kill Connie Ridgeway.” Police said that White also continued to ask about the condition of his “wife” Vicky White.

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Casey White claims he was also shot in the head, say police report

Alabama capital murder suspect Casey Cole White claimed that he had also been shot in the head as he was pulled from the car wreck where his jailhouse lover Vicky White lay dying from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to a police report.

New documents, filed by Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office and seen by The Independent, reveal that the 38-year-old also had “a small amount of blood” on the back of his head when he was taken into police custody on Monday at the end of a 10-day manhunt, according to police.

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Petitions circulate for ‘Car Wash James’ to receive award money offered for information on escaped fugitives

A petition has been started to pressure law enforcement and the Governor of Alabama to pay up on their reward offers to “Car Wash James,” the car wash owner who called police when he spotted capital murder suspect Casey White and corrections officer Vicky White in Indiana .

The US Marshal Service announced a total of $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest White and information on Ms White, and Alabama Governor Kay Ivey offered a total of $10,000 for the capture of the couple.

Amber Savallo, who started the petition, told WSILTV that the car wash owner, James Stinson, should be rewarded for his report.

“He said if you see something, say something and he did. I just really hope that James can get that from them because I feel like he deserves it 100%,” Ms Savallo said.

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How did Casey White end up at the facility where Vicky White worked?

Casey White, the capital murder suspect who escaped prison and spent 10 days on the run, was not originally imprisoned at the facility where corrections officer Vicky White was working.

Mr White was originally held at the William E Donaldson Correctional Facility, just down the road from the Lauderdale County Detention Centre, where Ms White worked.

According to Fox News, when Mr White’s lawyers requested that Donaldson allow them to bring laptops in to review their case with their client, they were denied. Rather than trying to convince the prison to change its mind, the attorneys request Mr White be transferred to the detention center, where they could review their case.

Mr White — who was already discreetly communicating with Ms White — was granted a transfer, which placed him in the same prison where Ms White worked, setting the stage for the breakout.

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ICYMI: Casey White told officers he didn’t kill Connie Ridgeway as he was pulled from car wreck

A supplemental case report filed by the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office reveals new details from the moment Casey White surrendered to authorities and was taken into custody while Vicky White was found suffering a gunshot wound to the head.

In the report, Sgt. Erik Nilssen details how he approached the scene on Monday after over hearing the US Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force requesting assistance.

“As the male suspect, Casey White, was pulled from the vehicle, I placed him in handcuffs. Mr White had blood covering his shirt and blood coming from the back of his head,” Sgt Nilssen wrote.

He then requested the assistance of a firefighter on the scene to treat a head injury on White.

“During my interaction with Mr White, he repetitively was asking about the condition of Ms. Vicky White, whom he referred to as his ‘wife’,” Sgt. Nilssen wrote. “Mr White also kept stating that he did not kill Connie Ridgeway.”

These statements reportedly came unprompted, as Sgt Nilssen wrote that he “did not ask him any formal questions”.

White is currently awaiting trial for the 2015 stabbing murder of 58-year-old mother-of-two Connie Ridgeway.

Ms Ridgeway was found stabbed to death in her apartment in Rogersville, Alabama, on October 23, 2015.

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Vicky White voted ’employee of the year’ five times, set to receive award again this week

Before prison guard Vicky White was accused of helping orchestrate the escape of her jail lover Casey White, she was not only well-liked among her Lauderdale County colleagues, but also well respected enough to earn the award “employee of the year” five times – including as recently as this year.

The 56-year-old correctional officer was tracked down on Monday alongside 38-year-old capital murder suspect Casey White, who she was reportedly in a “special relationship” with for the past two years, bringing the 11-day manhunt to a closed.

Ms White had earned the award, voted on by her peers, five times in the past eight years, The New York Post reported.

“I think it just shows the kind of person that we thought she was. No one that worked with her and knows her ever saw anything like this coming,” said Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton in an interview with The Post on Wednesday.

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ICYMI: How Casey White and guard Vicky White stayed on the run

It didn’t help that fugitive lovers Casey White and Vicky White (no relation) had a six-hour headstart on law enforcement when they made their break from Lauderdale County jail. But no one could’ve predicted that the assistant director of corrections of the facility and the 38-year-old capital murder suspect would be on the lam for 11 days.

But the nationwide manhunt came to a dramatic end on Monday with a police chase, car crash and Ms White allegedly shooting herself dead.

Continue reading the full story that lays out some of the apparently missed opportunities that enabled the corrections officer and the inmate to slip through the net for more than a week.

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Vicky White’s body back in Alabama

The body of Vicky White, the assistant director of corrections at the Lauderdale County Detention Center, a facility that she reportedly assisted jail lover Casey White to escape from last month, was returned to Alabama on Wednesday, authorities confirmed.

The Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Office confirmed that Ms White’s body was released early Wednesday morning for return to Alabama.

The search for the pair of fugitives came to a dramatic end Monday as a police chase in Indiana resulted in the inmate back in police custody and the corrections officer dead from what officials say was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

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