'Powerful storm,' possible blizzard predicted in North Dakota, Minnesota this week - InForum

‘Powerful storm,’ possible blizzard predicted in North Dakota, Minnesota this week – InForum

FARGO — A “surprising return to winter” is forecast in North Dakota and northern Minnesota this week, bringing heavy snow and a potential blizzard to the region.

Rain Tuesday will gradually turn to heavy snow and strong winds, most likely lasting into Thursday, said WDAY Chief Meteorologist John Wheeler.

“It’s going to be a powerful storm. It’s pretty likely this will be a major disrupter if not a complete shutdown within the areas that get mostly snow,” Wheeler said Sunday.

Forecast snowfall


Not everyone is likely to get a foot of snow, Wheeler said. Some areas may be hit with more rain, while other areas may get the heavier snowfall. It’s early in the prediction process for specific details.

“I don’t want to paint the picture that everyone will get buried with a foot of snow. That’s not how it will work,” Wheeler said.

The early spring storm is known as a “Colorado low,” Wheeler said. It comes from east of the Rockies and moves northeast, bringing with it humidity and snow.

With at least two days to go until the storm hits, Wheeler said meteorologists will know more Tuesday, when they can more precisely predict which areas will get hit the hardest.

“A foot of snow is likely for more than half and possibly most of our area along with wind. Strong wind is likely and a blizzard is possible,” Wheeler said.

The National Weather Service also reported that Fargo and Grand Forks could see “crippling winter impacts” with a potential for at least 12 inches of snow. West of Fargo has a high chance of major snow, the National Weather Service reported.

Travel will be extremely difficult or impossible across all of North Dakota into northwestern Minnesota late Tuesday into Thursday.

Some affected areas could see up to three feet of snow, the National Weather Service reported.

With more snow on the way, a second spring crest of the Red River in Fargo could be seen Friday just under 25 feet, which is the height of moderate flood stage, according to a hydrograph from the National Weather Service.

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