WrestleMania 38 results: Knoxille & crew make a Jackass out of Zayn

WrestleMania 38 results: Knoxille & crew make a Jackass out of Zayn

Anything went in the match between Sami Zayn and Johnny Knoxville on April 3 in AT&T Stadium. But after watching Knoxville be uniquely introduced on WrestleMania Sunday as “two shy cheeseburgers of 175,” and “the South Knoxville Strongboi” greeted some of his Jackass crew at ringside, Sami didn’t need any tricks. He just flattered Johnny with a Helluva Kick.

Zayn jawed with Knoxville’s guys, and that let Johnny take advantage of the stipulation and blast his nemesis with a fire extinguisher. All manner of plunder came into play from there.

Sami took a Stop sign shot, and Knoxville went through a table. After Johnny fended off another Helluva Kick with an airhorn, things got very Jackass-y.

Chris Pontius showed up, stripped, and danced before getting his ass kicked. Weeman emerged and BODY SLAMMED SAMI!

Much to the Texas crowd’s disapproval, Zayn leveled Weeman. But Knoxville avenged him by delivering a strike to Sami’s nether regions with a bowling ball, and it wasn’t the last time his groin area was a target.

For prove of how fun this was, Michael Cole broke and struggled to get through commentary he was laughing so hard.

Sami had pyro go off under his butt, and was kicked in the balls by a contraption Weeman set-up. He also got smacked by the giant hand from Jackass 3D‘s “High Five” stunt, thrown threw a table covered in mousetraps by his junk, and finally placed in a giant mousetrap for the finish.

Knoxville did hit a nice tornado DDT in there, too.

If you’re a Jackass fan or a Sami fan, this was great. If you’re both, this was perfect.

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