Trenton fire claims lives of twin brothers, insults 4 firefighters

Trenton fire claims lives of twin brothers, insults 4 firefighters

TRENTON, New Jersey (WPVI) — Two people died and four firefighters were injured in a fire in Trenton Saturday night.

Fire officials say the flames broke out before 7 pm in a home on the 800 block of Carteret Street. The property owner says twin brothers were stuck on the 3rd floor and despite efforts from family and firefighters, no one could get to them in time.

Action News is told the brothers had autism.

“We asked how did the fire happen and they said it started with a candle,” said June Williams, the property owner. She says a neighbor called her when the fire started and she has been in contact with the victims’ family since.

“I’m hurt. Everything in my body hurts right now for those kids. I mean, the house, you can replace the house, but you can’t replace two kids,” Williams said.

Four firefighters were also hurt. One had a burn on his face and three others were injured in a structural collapse. All of them were transported to Capital Health Regional Medical Center. Fire officials say they have since been released and are home recovering.

“I was just worried about them. That’s why I got blankets and stuff to help them out, wrap them up,” said Ruth Davis, a neighbor.

Trenton’s mayor says he is praying for the family that lost two sons and that they city will do everything it can to support them.

Neighbors say the family is quiet, the boys were kind, and they are heartbroken for the loss.

“Really quiet and reserved. The guy that lives in the house, sometimes he would come and help me with my trash when he sees me struggling with it. they don’t bother nobody,” said Davis.

Trenton’s fire department says the fire is still under investigation.

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