Teen business owner shot and killed outside of his Clayton county business

Teen business owner shot and killed outside of his Clayton county business

Clayton County Police are investigating a deadly shooting at a barbershop in Clayton County.

The victim is 17-year old Anthony ‘China’ McClain. He was a barber who co-owned the shop with his mother.

“Just standing outside the barber shop, and there was some commotion and something happened and a stray bullet, is what,” said LaShawn Hood, McClain’s cousin.

Hood recalled the moment someone shot and killed McClain. “It affects me a lot because my kids, they were very close. Just being a young kid, just being innocent and a part of the gun violence going on in the city,” she said.

For hours, Clayton County Police blocked off the barbershop off River Station Blvd in Clayton County to investigate what caused the commotion outside the shop that killed McClain. Police said he was caught in the crossfire. His family said he was an innocent bystander.

His family said McClain was at work, doing what he loved the most—cutting hair. “Anthony was a very gifted child. He was home-schooled, very helpful with his mother, his grandparents and excelled at everything he did.”

Hood said he showed that spirit of excellence at the barber shop. “He was very active. He was in his second year of college, he got his barber license,” she said.

He was working to own the shop with his mom. “It was a family business that they started together. They did everything from setting everything up, doing floors, the pictures on the walls and just putting everything they had into a family business,” said Hood.

Now that dream is sadly interrupted. They have this to say to his killer. “I just have to say that I wish you would turn yourself in. Young people, please just put the guns down. There are other ways to handle situations other than violence,” said Hood.


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