Which Couples Are Still Together (And Which Aren't)

Which Couples Are Still Together (And Which Aren’t)

love is blind first came to screens in 2020, and fans lapped it up. Like all good reality TV, it was the perfect escapism from everything going on in the outside world, particularly in such a difficult and turbulent year. Viewers watched the contestants go headfirst into marriage without initially seeing their prospective partner in real life and witnessed all of the drama that went with it.

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Though season 2 of love is blind recently concluded, fans still reminisce about the cast of the debut season. For all of those wondering what became of the lovebirds, here are the essential details on each couple – revealing which are still together and who decided to call it quits.


Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton – Still Together

Lauren Speed ​​and Cameron Hamilton Love is Blind

Lauren and Cameron were one of the viewers’ favorite couples from season 1. Separately, Lauren and Cameron are considered two of love is blind‘s best cast members, so together they were a powerhouse. The audience loved watching their relationship begin, grow and blossom on the screen.

Fans of this couple will be pleased to learn that Lauren and Cameron are still very much together. They got married during filming, and once filming ended, they started their own YouTube channel, Hanging With The Hamiltons. They boast nearly 700k subscribers, and on top of that, they even have their own book entitled Leap of Faith: Finding Love the Modern Way. The happy couple recently talked to She about celebrating their third wedding anniversary.

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers – Not Together

Giannina and Damian didn’t have the best of relationships throughout the series. Fans watched Damian’s proposal, one of the most dramatic love is blind season 1 moments, but it was clear something still wasn’t quite right. On their wedding day, the two couldn’t go through with their marriage in some highly emotional scenes. Audiences struggled to envision the pair having a happy future together but despite doubts, the couple continued on.

Viewers of season 1 may be surprised to learn that Giannina and Damian continued to date after the series ended. However, after filming, rumors started to spread that Damian was building a close relationship with Too Hot to Handle’s Francesca Farago (per Screen Rant). After a tumultuous relationship both on and off the show, Damian and Giannina have finally decided to call it quits and are very much NOT together.

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes – Not Together

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes

Despite initially seeming like a good match, fans weren’t convinced of the romance between Kelly and Kenny. The pair pushed through their relationship but both were clear early on that they had no intention of getting married, instead opting to use their time on the show to get to know one another better. When it came to the big day, the couple surprised no one when they decided they couldn’t go through with the union.

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Since filming concluded, the relationship has seemingly fizzled out. The pair talked to PEOPLE about their relationship and Kelly revealed that Kenny actually ghosted her after the show ended. While she thought the intention was to keep dating, Kenny wanted time to focus on himself. Fans wanted Kelly to find the man of her dreams, but they could see from the beginning that there was something not quite right, and they weren’t wrong.

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas – Not Together

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas on Love is Blind

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas had a rocky romance and fans watched as it all play out on screen. Viewers saw the evident emotional connection between this couple in the pods during the beginning stages of the show, and they were excited to see this relationship unfold. However, Jessica later claimed that Mark was unfaithful during the filming.

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Fans saw potential in them, identifying a connection on a level not seen in the other couples, but ultimately things didn’t work out when Jessica left Mark hanging on their wedding day. From the beginning, Jessica was painted as a villain – fixing on the age gap and flirting with other contestants – but since the show has ended, many more factors have come to light, including Mark’s alleged infidelity. Jessica has since got engaged to another man. Her experience on the show and life after is detailed by Bustle.

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett – Still Together

Amber Pike, Matt Barnett, Love is Blind

Fans weren’t always convinced that Amber Pike and Matt Barnett were going to last. During their time on love is blind, the pair encountered a few issues on-screen and viewers believed this could be the eventual cause of their relationship’s demise. However, Amber and Matt did fall for each other and they showed the audience what the meaning of banter was, keeping viewers eagerly anticipating their turn in the pods. Despite their ups and downs, the audience loved seeing them together.

Since their marriage on love is blind, Amanda and Matt have shared the occasional glimpse into their lives, keeping the fans in the loop on Instagram. Very much still together and seemingly happier than ever, they are one of the most successful couples to come out of the show. While love is blind is known for its dramatic couples, Amber has been clear that she wants to stay out of the show’s drama (via Insider) and live her life in peace with Matt.

Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton – Not Together

Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton

Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack were one of the most memorable couples on love is blind season 1. Fans may remember the couple’s poolside argument, which was the beginning of the end of their journey. Both came under fire for some of the things they said during this time. Carlton and Diamond agreed to get married, but their relationship only lasted one day of being together in person, because Carlton revealed he was bisexual and Diamond was upset it took so long for him to tell her.

The couple saw each other for the first time after their split on Love is Blind season 1’s reunion episode, and Carlton was keen to rebuild at least a friendship with Diamond. Unfortunately, Diamond wasn’t on the same page. Fans wondering where this love is blind season 1 cast member is now can find her on Instagram, where her feed suggests she’s enjoying the single life. The audience watched this couple as they connected in the pods but they also witnessed as they quickly went on a downward spiral that lead to the end of their relationship.

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