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New health policy to improve patient care in govt. tate run hospitals

The State government has announced a new health policy titled `Integrated Hospital Facility Management Services’ for improving patient care services in government hospitals.

The new policy replacing the existing policy envisaged improvement of services in government hospitals, nursing colleges & nursing schools (including hostels) in the State with an amount of ₹7,500 per bed per month.

The reckonable bed strength would be taken as basis rather than sanctioned bed strength as per the actual occupancy of last year or 50 per cent whichever was higher. The policy of providing manpower at the rate of one person for 7,000 SFT built up area and one person per 27,000 SFT for open area which was currently applicable to medical colleges had also been extended to nursing colleges and hostels.

Health Secretary SAM Rizvi said in the orders issued on Saturday that separate tenders would be invited for the institutes/hospitals which had 200 beds and above. Hospitals with less than 200 beds should be clubbed while calling tenders as per feasibility.

Bid variable should be management cost as percentage of total cost of service (based on bed strength/built up/open area) subject to upper limit of 5 per cent. Tenders would be called at the district level under the committee headed by the collector of the respective districts.

The Health Secretary directed the officials concerned to enter into Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Integrated Hospital Facility Management Services. The Health department and the State Medical Services Infrastructure Development Corporation would support the district administration, sanitation workers in capacity building so that highest standards of sanitation were met.

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