Genetic Discoveries: The Newest Frontiers in Biohacking

In this article, we explore the frontiers of genetic research, bringing to light the most recent developments in biohacking. With the incorporation of genetic findings, biohacking—the activity of optimizing biological functioning via the use of technology and novel techniques—is undergoing a paradigm change. Important genetic discoveries are discussed in this study along with their effects on health, customized treatment, and biohacking ethics.

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Editors for Genomes and CRISPR-Cas9:

Therapeutic Applications of Precision Gene Editing
Problems with Ethics in Genomic Medicine and CRISPR-Engaging Non-DNA Targets (RNA and Epigenomes):

Personalized medicine
The Future of Predictive Genomics
Recordings of Genomic Health
Tailored Programs for Health
Genetic Engineering and Synthetic Biology:

Synthesis of DNA Methods
Transgenic Species
Genomics in a nutshell
Synthetic Biology and Its Moral Consequences
Nutrigenomics and Personalized Genetics:

Individualized Diet Programs
Epigenetics: A Genetic Perspective on Dietary Responses and Precision Wellness

Influences of the Environment on Gene Expression
Approaches to Epigenetics
Modifications to Epigenetics and Lifestyle Passed Down Through Generations
Treatment using Gene Transfer:

Clinical Applications and Obstacles in the Field of Somatic & Germline Gene Therapy, Recent Developments in Viral Vectors for Gene Delivery, and Other Related Topics
Genetic Interactions and the Microbiome:

Gut-Brain Axis Health-Promoting Microbiome Modulation: Impact on Gene Expression


Protecting Your Genetic Information with Customized Probiotics:

DNA Privacy, Authorization, and Control Over Genetic Data
Differences in Heredity
Genomic Data Storage and Cybersecurity
Improving Cognitive Function using Neurogenetics:

Cognitive Functions and Their Genetic Foundation
A Look at the Moral Issues With Cognitive Enhancement
Editing Genes to Treat Neurological Diseases
Integrating Genetics with Brain-Machine Interfaces
Computational genomics and bioinformatics:

Genomics’ Big Data
Genomic Analysis powered by AI
Improvements in Predictive Genomics and the Storage and Sharing of Genomic Data
Moral Questions Regarding Biohacking:

Access to Genetic Technologies, Equity in Informed Consent,
Issues with Genetic Modification’s Dual Use and Its Societal Consequences Do-It-Yourself Genetic Engineering Groups:

Biohacking Community Labs and Do-It-Yourself Biology Spaces: Citizen Science
Problems with and Regulations Regarding Open-Source Genetic Engineering

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