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Small Business Loans, SBA Business Loans and Merchant Cash Advance Programs Get Approved in minutes, With our state of the art Underwriting Software we are able to assess Businesses and generate formal Funding offers 50% Quicker than the competition. Low Rates, High Customer Satisfaction, we are Take Charge Capital.

Payment Processing Solutions

TakeCharge Capital is a leader in mobile Payment Processing technology. We believe smart phones are going to shape the future of financial services. We offer mobile solutions for payment processing, payroll and cash management services. We provide the best technology at a fraction of the cost. We Offer Mobile, Retail, Online, M.O.T.O. and Wireless Processing Solutions all at Discounted wholesale Prices. TakeCharge Capital truly allows you to Take Charge of your Business by giving you the Capital and Payment Tools to do so.

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Business Loan Programs

TakeCharge Capital is a leader in non-traditional financing (Small Business Loans, ACH Advances, and Merchant Cash Advances) for small and medium enterprises. Since inception, our strategy has been in building partnerships with smart business owners. We are dedicated to funding durable business models. We believe that classifying businesses in arbitrary size categories causes banks to miss out on a lot of sound investments. That’s why we judge every business on merit, not on your size category and FICO score.

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Higher Funding Offers 80%
Approval Rate 97%
Renew Halfway Paid Back 50%
Lower Rates than Competitors 60%
Customer Satisfaction 100%
Business Growth 100%
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Getting Approved

Getting approved for a business loan is half the battle. Most opportunities are time sensitive. That’s why waiting six months for your bank to make a final decision is not practical. The TakeCharge Fast Business Loan enables business owners to apply, get approved, and receive funds in under a week’s time. Additionally, we employ a state-of-the-art underwriting system that allows us to judge your business on merit, not on your FICO score.

TakeCharge has a simple and straight-forward application process.  Simply fill out our 1 page application and send in the required documentation and you will have an approval with numbers within 48 hours.  Once you agree on the terms send the closing docs and get funded within 2-4 business days.  It’s that simple, our Fast Business Loans and Fast Small Business Loans, are just that, FAST.
Our Funding process takes just 3-5 Business Days from the time the funding contract and all docs are received.  Our Fast Business Loan and Fast Small Business Loan programs are even faster!  We are here to get you FUNDED!
Repayment for our fast business loan and fast small business loan programs require little to no work on your part.  It is set up to be simple and flexible, adjusting itself to your sales volume.
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It takes money to make money. To take advantage of opportunities, businesses need capital from time to time. Many of our clients have been turned away by their local bank and have been advised to tap into their savings or borrow from friends and family members. Dipping into personal funds can put your family at risk, not to mention that if you have a separate legal entity, you can pierce the corporate veil by co-mingling funds. Small Business Capital has become essential to businesses in the current economy. While your friends and family members may feel obligated to give you a very low interest rate, there is extraordinary risk of complicating the relationship. What would happen if things don\’t go as planned? TakeCharge Capital is more often that not the first place our clients look to for financial support, but we\’re also a great backup plan if your local bank turns you down. We specialize in structuring repayments programs that run parallel to the ups and downs of the business cycle. It\’s also very affordable! Contact us today and TakeCharge of your growth.
Fast Business Loans
Approval Rate 98%
Faster than Competition 60%
Customer Renewal Rate 70%

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Why Choose TakeCharge Capital?

TakeCharge has been an Industry Leader for the past 8 years. We currently offer very competetive pricing with our Small Business Loan and Merchant Cash Advance programs.

What is the Difference between an Unsecured Business Loan and Regular Business Loan?

TakeCharge has been an Industry Leader for the past 8 years. We currently offer very competetive pricing with our Small Business Loan and Merchant Cash Advance programs.

Will Applying for a Business Loan impact my Credit?

TakeCharge has been an Industry Leader for the past 8 years. We currently offer very competetive pricing with our Small Business Loan and Merchant Cash Advance programs.

How long does it take to Qualify?

Our Underwriting team works hard and usually can approve or deny you for a Business Loan in as little as 24 hours.

How do I Repay the Business Loan?

TakeCharge has been an Industry Leader for the past 8 years. We currently offer very competetive pricing with our Small Business Loan and Merchant Cash Advance programs.